Who We Are

METALRAV SRL is an efficient and modern company, particularly oriented in the assembly and maintenance works of industrial plants and metal structures, as well as in construction, acquiring implementation skills, gained over years of operational experience in the field and able to satisfy customers more demanding, also taking into account a high executive flexibility, which place the company in an advantageous market position.
The extremely competitive costs, combined with safety and quality of execution, are a professional and gratifying aspect of METALRAV SRL.

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The operating staff is carefully chosen on the basis of the services to be performed and is instructed for the tasks assigned, therefore on the correct use of the tools and products to be managed and, of course, on the behavior to be kept in the workplace, observing all the rules given. by the “Works Management”.
The staff is also informed about health and safety in the workplace. They are given the “Manual on Health and Safety in the Workplace pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08 ex 626/94”, which defines the legislation and the main obligations to be observed correctly.
All personnel are provided with general and specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), according to the tasks assigned.
All staff are equipped with means of transport, which allows them to easily reach the workplace.

We are able to carry out processing throughout the European territory. A site manager, carefully chosen and appointed for the tasks entrusted, will verify, with methodical checks, the carrying out of the work entrusted, taking care, with particular attention and need, of compliance with safety regulations.
A continuous and discrete control, will be carried out also by our supervisor, who will have the converse task with your managers and our management, the operational workflow of jobs and workers, intervening effectively, there where there are defaults or operational shortcomings.

The company is able to set up construction sites quickly, with office boxes, tool containers and warehouses and changing rooms, where necessary.
The rates we express are competitive on the market and are understood to include all contractual, insurance and legal charges, as well as overtime and holidays.
For any and all information, please call our offices.

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